The back story, part one

Last Wednesday was my official move out day, but being the procrastinator that I am I didn’t actually get here until Thursday night. An hour after getting into town I met with the first batch of potential roommates. Considering San Francisco rental prices, together with the fact that I haven’t even really started looking for work (or figuring out what kind of job I’m looking for) it’s unlikely I’ll be living alone. Plus I really want all those little extras that come with a larger living space, like a garage, laundry room, and a little patch of dirt I don’t have to share with the public. So finding roommates seems the way to go. The room was small and dark, the apartment was pretty dingy, use of the garage cost an extra $75 per month, and the back garden was completely controlled by the downstairs neighbors (described as “a couple of bitchy queens? by people living above). Still, the people were pretty entertaining and they laughed when I told the story about the last guy who asked me out, who couldn’t understand why I thought he was too young until I finally said, “you realize you were born the year I got my period, don’t you??

Friday and Saturday were spent finding my way around, seeing a few forgettable apartments, moving my car every two hours to avoid a ticket, and figuring out which coffee shops have free WiFi. Cafe La Onda on 16th is my top pick, since it’s both the closest to where I’m staying and has a remarkable collection of revolutionary art posters on the walls. ¡Viva! My friend Martha (who’s lent me the use of her spare room while I’m searching for a place) welcomed me to town with a dinner of homemade macaroni and cheese topped with bacon. Mmmmm. Nothing like being welcomed to a new city with pork products.


2 responses to “The back story, part one

  1. That bit about your period made (thankfully) cold coffee come out my nose, I kid you not. The only thing worse than being caught mooching internet access from work is being caught with the morning dose of caffeine running down your face.

  2. How did I miss this part about the pork products? I can only dream that this bacon reference was for my benefit. Oh, how I love bacon.

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