More of my current favorites.

For foot fetishists/celebrity gossip mongerers/poncho haters/shoppers/people with a sense of humor, may I present the always super fantastic Manolo.

For, um, Kim (sorry to single you out there, but I doubt anyone but you and I care) the often amusing and always inspiring Purseuing.

For fans of cool design you could actually purchase, I recommend design*sponge. Her taste in clothes and accessories is kind of girly, but she’s also got a ton of furniture and other stuff to check out, and she updates constantly.

And of course, for those of you who want to geek out and giggle along with me, there is the Kingdom of Loathing. It’s as if the minds behind SB Trivia had written a MUD. Pop culture references, bad puns, it’s all there. If you decide to give it try, send a message to Tilly in-game and I’ll send out the welcome wagon.


3 responses to “Links-a-plenty

  1. Hi Alicia,

    Thanks for including me on your blog. I feel so special. Both of the links are hooking me back to our wedding blog though, am I doing something wrong? You have good shopping…don’t KEEP IT FROM ME!

    You also have to check out this site, it has you written all over it a hundred times….check out the “Forever Young” collection…

  2. I am not supposed to be on the internet for non-work-related activities, so I’m going to blame you if I get fired for spending too much time checking out design*sponge. I now have something new to obsess over.


  3. Whoops! Sorry Kim, I fixed it.

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