The current thing for hip businesses to do seems to be not putting a sign outside to announce your name. I guess if you have to ask you’re not cool enough to know.

Fortunately, I stumbled upon Metrobot today, which not only tells me what they’re called but shows a graphic of the entire street and lists every business on it. This is especially handy for someone moving to a new place or just visiting town, because it lets you find all the closest businesses with one search.

The main page has a typical search by business name, business type or address, but the real joy is the check out these streets page, where you can select a city and then any street in that town. Right now clicking on the business name in most cases will just get you the full street address, but registered users (which just takes an ID and password) can submit detailed information on thir own or someone else’s business, including website and phone number. I really hope this catches on, it’s a great resource.

Addendum: Looks like someone else noticed it too.


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