More music, please

I’ve decided that I participate in a forum with a few friends where we discover new music together is now my favorite euphemism for “I geek out on a music BBS all day”. Which I do. Some of you reading this right now are, or have met, the people who I refer to as ‘my imaginary friends’. So it should come as no surprise that I headed back to 12 Galaxies on Tuesday night on the basis of a crush a 17 year old girl in Oklahoma City has. The marquee said the club would be closed, but the website promised Eric Gaffney (yes, that guy who wrote all the songs you liked for Sebadoh) and David Dondero (the subject of the crush).

I got there a little late, so Eric’s set was about half over. He was playing acoustic guitar with a girl who I suspect is his girlfriend on acoustic bass. It was just me and maybe 25 other people scattered around the room, so I grabbed a chair and sat down right in front. Hey, I’m not going to go hide in the corner just because I’m by myself. I came to see the show! Anyway, it was interesting to hear the same voice and chords structure I’m used to hearing in loud, thrashing-around-the-room songs transposed to a quiet acoustic set. In an interesting twist of fate, I’ll get to do the same when Lou comes to town later this month (assuming everything’s okay at home).

Then came the main act. Most of the audience seemed to be Dave’s friends and/or roommates, so he got a rousing welcome. He mentioned that he’d just watched 2001: A Space Odyssey and I think he just got up off the couch, grabbed his guitar and wandered over. He seemed like he’d rather be somewhere else, he kept encouraging us to leave, and his roommate kept yelling at him from the audience about getting wasted and ordering $40 worth of porn on pay-per-view before he passed out last night. He does have a good voice though, and he’s a fantastic guitar player so it was fun to watch. I was ambivalent about the songs, some of them I thought were really good and others I thought “You paid to record that? Really?” I’d probably have a different impression if I weren’t seeing him on an off night. He seemed more excited about challenging audience members to play Scrabble at Muddy’s, which maybe not-so-coincidentally is where SF Games meets every Friday night. We all have our passions, I guess.


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