Hold that thought

Not that I’ve posted much this week anyway, but I’ll be camping in Death Valley all weekend so no updates. I’m breaking my no pictures rule for this trip, so hopefully there’ll be some decent ones to show when I get back.

In the meantime, I’ll be missing out on RoboGames, so if anyone would like to fill me in on that when I return it’d be appreciated.


2 responses to “Hold that thought

  1. Death valley rules. Wait – I can drive out there for the day – why the hell haven’t been out there in so long? I must suck – but clearly you don’t since you;re going, so have fun.

  2. do me a huge favor and check your myspace account. i know your camping but i need you to do a huge favor for me, i need you to call mi madre and tell her i am alive. my hotmail doesnt work over here for some reason but myspace does

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