The wheels of change grind slowly (if at all)

Apologies in advance for a post obsessing over SF’s public transportation, but since most of you are moving here soon (with the exception of Shosh, who will take the job I want her to and stop going on about “benefits” and “full time pay”) this could be valuable. I’m getting to be an expert on this subject, since I discovered that my car will not fit into the garage no matter how I rearrange things or how much paint I scrape off the side panel trying to squeeze it in. Arrgh. So while I compare body shop estimates and make arrangements to sell it, I’ve been researching my other options.

The SFist posted this today, which reminded me that SF has a supervisor who not only blogs on company time but also on the official city website. More to the point, it reminded me that commuters who drive their own cars have had Fastrak for five years, and even have real time traffic data based on information gathered from Fastrak transponders. Meanwhile, the genral public attempting to use public transportation are still not even allowed to purchase a Translink card yet, and even those fortunate enough to get into the pilot program have only a limited number of locations where it will work. I know it’s more complicated to set up, but the software was installed three years ago. Time to get hustling, people. Chop chop!


One response to “The wheels of change grind slowly (if at all)

  1. Heeeeyy… wait a minute… you’re just trying to keep me out of your silly “Bay Area Club,” aren’t you? I see what you’re doing. Fine. See if I share my public transportation expertise with the likes of you! Hrmph! 😉

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