Happily lost

I finally managed to make it to the Alemany Farmer’s Market on Saturday. This is exactly what I was hoping the Ferry Plaza market would be; cheap, ripe, delicious produce. And I do mean cheap. A pint of oyster mushrooms for $1, three pounds of kiwi for $1, ten pounds of oranges for $2, and $1 per pound for sugar snap peas. I can see this becoming a weekly stop.

On my way there I got completely lost and somehow managed to make my way to Cortland Avenue in Bernal Heights. I liked it so much I went back to walk around after the market too. I get tired of using the word “cute” to describe San Francisco neighborhoods, but this one really is. It’s just like a little village perched at the top of a hill, kind of straddling the line between hippie and yuppie, basically a neighborhood where people appreciate nice things but aren’t necessarily flush with cash. It reminded me of some of the nicer parts of Santa Cruz, or even NYC’s East Village. The houses aren’t as impressive as in many parts of town, but they’re almost all single family homes with yards and the views are beautiful. The main drag has pretty much everything you’d need, but without much variety. Not much public transportation either, which is probably why it feels so isolated even if it’s only ten blocks from a major road. Ten blocks straight UP, when they say “heights” they aren’t kidding. If I were settling down and starting a family this would probably be my top pick in San Francisco neighborhoods at this point. And of course, this being San Francisco, the neighborhood has its own website.


One response to “Happily lost

  1. For the record, sugar snap peas at the Santa Barbara market on Saturdays cost $4/pound. I know it’s sunny like 300 days out of the year here, but it’s hard not to be a little bitter about that.

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