Taking it to the streets

Mod o’ the week.


5 responses to “Taking it to the streets

  1. To paraphrase the majority of commentators on that page, “That is just, like, wow.” I so want one now, rabbit and all.

  2. An open letter to Jonathan:

    This guy could have like 600 dates now. All of the comments on his post were from women, and EACH ONE OF THEM was your type (look no further than the chick who nicknamed her ibook “Samwise”). Start modding now. And I’m not talking about computer mods that turn your old IIe into an aquarium. Think ACCESSORIES.

  3. Hmm… what type of girl, then, names her mactop after after an Egyptian deity? Who names everything after an Egyptian deity, actually? Just curious.

    And I don’t really think that guy was earning dates with that contraption, Jase. More like pattern requests and “What could you make me from a rubber duck and my old mp3 player?” queries if anything.

  4. No, I agree with Jason. Those girls were all over him, they even dug through his website (sans links) to uncover more about him.

    Chicks dig guys with skills.

  5. Nunchaku skills, sure …but modding skills? Hrmph. You people are silly.

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