Mmmm, brains

This weekend kicks off the SF Int’l Film Fest (tagline: every movie is a foreign movie somewhere). As part of the festival they’re showing a few midnight movies, I was invited to see last night’s selection Zombie Honeymoon and who can turn down an invitation like that? They’re charging the extortionary rate of $12 each for film fest movies, but the midnight movies have the advantage of being sponsored by Stella Artois. This means that as you enter the theater, a smiling volunteer whispers conspiratorially to you that “the Stella Lounge is open on the third floor” and so you find yourself trying to chug free Belgian pilsner in the 30 minutes before the movie starts. Just in case you were concerned about drinking and driving, Stella also provides strong mints in cute little tins. So thoughtful.

The movie itself, as the review linked to above will tell you, has created a whole new subgenre: the zombie chick flick or “rom zom”. Yes, it is a romantic tale of a young couple in love and the difficulties they face together. In this case, their difficulties center around the fact that one of them is turning into a zombie. The movie takes the romance portion pretty seriously, apart from the eating people and a little rotting flesh it could be any cutesy date movie. The sound effects are pretty spectacular, but the gore is not too outrageous. It’s a pretty good movie.


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