A suggestion

As I was waiting for the start of the movie the other night, a discussion started comparing the unintentional crappiness of sequels with the intentional (and hilarious) crappiness of B movies. My solution? Every sequel a zombie sequel. Just to give you an idea of how great this would be, I present to you a few potential sequel titles and brief plot summaries:

– The Remains Of The Day Before (A butler in WWII England becomes a zombie, no one notices the change)
– Schindler’s Other List (Allies liberate a concentration camp, only to discover that the Nazis have been using it to contain the zombie population)
– Unusual Suspects (Zombies infiltrate a movie production, police struggle to identify the zombies amongst the bad actors)
– 12 Zombie Men (One zombie on the jury panel manages to slowly eat the brains of the others)
– Mementos (Zombie has no memory of his life before the bite, just a collection of gaping wounds)
– Zombiespotting (A group of disaffected Scottish men become zombies, but discover the need for brains controls their lives)


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