Enough! or Too much

I did way too much in the last week to go into any detail now, suffice to say that I went to more restaurants and bars in one week with David and Ian and Sheena here than in the previous three months combined. I’d gotten into a little rut recently, but the trip home and visits up here have knocked me right back out of it. Thanks guys, it was a lot of fun. A brief roundup of restaurants not previously covered (bars will have to wait):
Zante’s Pizza (and Indian Cuisine) – I cruised by Zante’s one afternoon with a seriously empty stomach and something about the combination of pizza and Indian food sounded ridiculously tasty to me right then. They do both normal pizzas and a full Indian menu, but I went for the Indian Pizza. It’s a pizza dough topped with a mild curry sauce (heavy on the carmelized onion), then a thin layer of spinach cooked saag paneer style (but without the paneer), then toppings, then mozzarella and a little more curry sauce. Delicious.
Lil’ Baobob – Recommended by my roommate but kind of disappointing. She likes it better than the larger Bissap Baobob around the corner, but I think that had more to do with the fact that it’s her kind of crowd at the bar than the food. Really good guacamole and great mixed drinks with ginger and tamarind flavors, so Lil Baobob or the main location would probably be a good place for happy hour. Rumor has it that they serve half-price pitchers of their specialty drinks on Tuesdays.
Tartine – Delicious and extremely rich French pastries and lunch dishes. Recommended to me by pretty much everyone I’ve met, the quiche was one of the best I’ve had. Still haven’t tried their desserts or legendary croissants though.
La Mediterranee – I think this is my new favorite restaurant. Reasonably priced wines and a ten item meze dinner for $13.50 of which eight things were delicious beyond my expectations and the other two were merely good. It’s a cozy little place and there were lots of couples on dates there, but ideally I think you’d bring a group of people and spend the evening feasting. Too full to try the desserts this time, maybe next trip.
Gourmet Dim-Sum and Cafe – Really tasty steamed shrimp dumplings, custard buns, etc. all made-to-order and served fresh from the kitchen as opposed to from a steam tray. We were stuffed full (mostly with shrimp) for about $8, and everything was good. I’m really wishing I didn’t just try to google the restaurant because all I found was their last health code violations report. Oh well, at least they weren’t cited for vermin.
Los Jarritos – One of the nicer Mexican restaurants in the Mission, we went for brunch and I had really tasty machaca with thick, flavorful corn tortillas. After reading their citysearch reviews it sounds like I need to head back for dinner sometime too. Maybe this will be where I find the elusive superior Mission burrito I keep hearing about but not tasting?
Pakwan – Cheap, tasty and completely no-frills Pakistani & Indian restaurant on 16th and Guerrero. I especially liked the Chaat Masala, Ian raved about the Saag Ghost. The naan was a little disappointing, fluffy rather than chewy, and it’s BYOB so you’re better off bringing a bottle of wine from home than counting on the anemic selection in the liquor store across the street.
Last Supper Club – A popular, noisy, kind of trendy Italian restaurant founded by the people behind Luna Park, but apparently sold a couple months ago. The bar staff was a little spacey, but we got a good recommendation from the wine list and the waitstaff were on top of things. The entrees were solid but uninspired, the soup was delicious and the dipping sauce good too. Again too full for dessert, which makes me wonder what the chefs are thinking when they load up the plate. Don’t they want me to order more? Also, they were already sold out of the most appetizing thing and it wasn’t even that late. Maybe the new owners need a little time to settle in.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to spend the next week digesting all that food. Mmmmm, food.


2 responses to “Enough! or Too much

  1. I hate you. Now I’m craving Indian food.

  2. If nobody got the William Blake reference I’m going to be royally peeved over here.

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