Monday night I was planning to do what I always do on Monday nights, which is to go the bar and listen to Martha DJ. As it turned out though, she was ducking out early to go to Amnesia to see Toshio Hirano play. Toshio is a Japanese man in his 50’s who sings exactly like Jimmie Rodgers. Yes, just like the Singing Brakeman himself, right down to the yodel. Apart from the novelty of it he’s actually quite talented, and he mixes a little Hank Sr. and other classics in there to mix it up a bit. It was a nice, mellow and mixed crowd for the most part, and everyone enjoyed the show. People even got up to dance, I myself was invited to waltz and since it seemed the thing to do I did. That turned out to be a mistake, my dance partner is now referred to as Stalker Jim and I think probably barred from the club. At least I hope so, since I actually had a good time despite him and I plan on going again. People, eh?


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