Movie night in the park

Last night was Delores Park Movie Night, when San Francisco-based films are shown on an outdoor screen for all us free-loaders to enjoy. The movie night itself has reportedly been featured in at least one film, but since I am not a fan of the genre, subject or actors involved in that production I’ll have to take my informant’s word on that. Last night’s movie was Vertigo, which was a a lot kitschier than I remembered. It was fun to see it with a crowd of people though, everyone bundled up against the evening cold and picnicking on the grass. I was excited to see the Tamale Lady in the flesh for the first time, I have mentioned her before but never had a chance to actually taste her tamales so I dug deep and ordered two for dinner. They were okay, but I think the appeal of the Tamale Lady lies more in the fact that she shows up at midnight in the bar when you’re drunk and hungry than in the quality of her tamales. That, and the fact that they are vegetarian, which is undoubtedly the root of the flavor problem. The best, most fantastically delicious tamales I’ve had were actually from the stand at the U.N. Plaza Farmer’s Market, though I haven’t yet given Roosevelt Tamale Parlor a try. They don’t skimp on the lard, which as everyone knows is a key component in the finest tamales.

My original plan for the evening also involved attending the SF DocFest opening, a roller disco party on the fifth floor of a building right down the road. Despite the fact that I am naturally suspicious of any party involving roller skates, alcohol, and above-street-level locations I was planning to go, but my date had to cancel at the last minute and then the movie ran late. On the one hand, this means no amusing photos of me flat on my face in a tangle of limbs. On the other hand, it also means no trips to the emergency room. So we’ll call it a draw.


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