Everyone in this this town seems to be using Dodgeball. Jonathan first mentioned it to me last September, but the service doesn’t exist in smaller cities like Santa Barbara yet so there was no way of trying it out. I forgot about it until I saw that it was acquired by Google. Google has been making some smart purchases recently, though I wish they would buy Metrobot or that someone would figure out a way to incorporate that info into their maps like the craigslist housing hack.

But I digress. Dodgeball looks pretty cool and seems to actually work for its intended purpose, unlike most social software that seems only to encourage the creation of profiles. Endless, endless profiles. Since, unlike at home, I seem to be acquiring friends who have no connection to each other apart from…well, me…it could be fun to try it out. There were plenty of people last night using it, from what I gathered observing the line outside the party.


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