In review

Looks like Foundcity (previously mentioned here) is finally available for SF. Not too many tags yet, which I see as a good sign. Better than being flooded with tags of dubious value.

In other news, I signed up for Dodgeball (originally discussed here), but apparently nobody else I know has. Ahem.


4 responses to “In review

  1. I just signed up for both, my dodgeball username is gingerprince. Now I just have to work out to set up my nokia to send email.

  2. Excellent! I just added you. If anyone else wants to add me, I’m the only Alicia in SF.

  3. Do you know WHY I’m not signed up? Because, one, I live in an overpriced postcard which is insulated from the likes of techno-cool, and two, Grellan scares me. Seriously, who the fuck is named Grellan?? It’s some sort of crazy messed up werewolf-lit name, I tell you.

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