I am missing Web 2.0 this week, which doesn’t bother me like it should. Partly because its purpose seems to be clueing in the corporate world as to how they can take advantage of up-and-coming technologies, as opposed to an event like Webzine which is geared towards individuals. Partly too because my schmoozing muscles are atrophied after months of disuse, and I’ve always been more of a team player than a self promoter. And as Ted Rheingold points out, real innovation happens in bedrooms and garages, not $$$ conferences. But most of all, because at any large event all the good stuff happens on the fringes. Last night I unfortunately missed Merlin’s undoubtedly great Web 1.0 Summit, which is what I get for taking a break from my obsessive reading of local blogs. Tonight I am inviting myself to the Colors Of Web 2.0 party, and tomorrow is Web 2.1. 10% better at 10% of the cost, so there you are. If you know of any other related events I’d be interested in, or have access to the Web 2.0 wiki you would like to share, please let me know. Otherwise my next web-related event will the Digital City panel on Monday.


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