BART does something right

The beast has finally crawled out of its cave. Metblogs reports that BART will offer 24 hour service starting October 14th – 16th. I predict much rejoicing amongst the single women of SF, since 70%* of straight boys live outside the city. Not to mention all the cool shows at the Paramount or the Greek we can go to now that our coach no longer turns into a pumpkin at midnight. Of course, this means an influx of bridge-and-tunnelers showing up in town as well, but $10 says they never make it out of North Beach. *approximation based on observed statistics ADDENDUM: Crap! In my excitement I failed to actually read the post. Looks like we have two days of beastly goodness before the door slams shut again. Cross your fingers and hope that bridge construction is delayed.


2 responses to “BART does something right

  1. I say we gather the hordes and invade Oakland to drink and pillage. Arrrr!

  2. it also means that when your friends are staying with their families in the East Bay, they can come visit you and not have to worry about their coach turning into a pumpkin! WOOOOOOO! so yeah, let’s cross our fingers.

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