Plasma car

The SFMoMA store catalog came in the mail today, and in amongst the jewelry and ceramics was this fascinating thing called a Plasma Car. Not only is it swoopy looking and super modern, but it operates without pedals or batteries. I don’t have kids, so this was the first time I’d ever seen it and I was fascinated. How does it work? As luck would have it, the very first link that comes up on a search of “plasma car” is the University of Toronto’s Physics of the Plasma Car page. Man, when a search works like that it is such a joy. Not only does it have a fairly dry explanation on the main page, but links to a quicktime movie of the car in action, and best of all, a link to a Discovery Channel clip with an explanation in plain everyday language for those of us who may not remember high school physics. The video on the Discovery channel page didn’t work for me but the audio came through just fine, if you get it to work on a pc let me know. Now I just need them to make one in a slightly larger size…


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