Victory, sweet victory

Last night those of us who’ve made the northern migration got together to revisit one of our favorite rituals, the Wednesday night pub quiz. I’ve been in the habit for, oh…let’s just say I prefer not to date myself too badly. Years, anyway. My current teammates and I have played together for a year or so, with the fabulously entertaining SB Trivia gang.

I’ve always felt slightly guilty about our winning record, because I know the triviamasters and that gave me a bit of an edge. Not that they gave me answers or anything, but they’re good friends, and before they took on trivial responsibilities they were my teammates. We know each other pretty well, have interests in common, and I can pretty well predict what kinds of questions will show up on Wednesdays.

So I had a little something to prove over at the Pig & Whistle. Since we decided to go that day (and both our pop culture and politics/current events specialists still live down south), we were pretty ill-prepared for the challenge and it showed. We had a dismal current events round, and though we improved over subsequent rounds we never got better than sixth place. What we didn’t know was that there was a special “small groups” category, which applies to groups of four or less. We were exactly four! And so we managed to win something after all.

Next week we’ll be back to redeem our drink coupons and savor our victory. We’ll also be prepped and fully back in the game. Watch out, quiz night. We may be small, but we are mighty.


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