No tagcamp for me

I didn’t make it to tagcamp, unfortunately. When I sold my car I really didn’t think I’d need to get out of the city so often, and I couldn’t find anyone to give me a ride. I could’ve taken a train I suppose, but by the time I realized I’d need to do that I felt too intimidated to go. I’ve discovered that being the only person in the room without relevant experience, a product to push, or a business to launch isn’t really fun. In fact, watching their eyes glaze over and their attention wander when they discover you aren’t going to help them achieve fame and fortune is pretty demoralizing. I’d throw my own geeky gathering and prohibit product demos and business cards, but nobody would come. Oh well.

For the record, here’s what I would’ve talked about if I had gone. If these things are already possible I would love to hear about it, as far as I know they haven’t been done.

What I want: Ever use a post-it as a bookmark/tab/margin note? I want to add tags within an audio or video file to act as markers and find a point in time with associated data. Then when I search for the tag using my audio or video player’s interface I could jump straight to where the tag has been placed, read the tag and hear/see the file from that point.

Right now, if I want a friend of mine to hear a specific section of a podcast I have two options. I can pause it, grab a pencil and pen, write down the time at which it occurs, and send the file (or a link to the file) to her with instructions to fast forward to that point. Or I can edit the file to isolate just that section and send it to her out of context. Neither of these options is acceptable to me. A pencil? What century are we in again? If I’m really getting what I want, I’d have the option of saving a file with or without my (editable) tags, and the ability to add tags from a mobile device. But I’m getting a little ahead of myself here.

What I fear: Not just autotagging (which I heartily approve of and Tara’s discussed with her usual eloquence), but persistent tags. Tags embedded in a file like a watermark that follow it around like little puppy dogs. Why would you want this? You wouldn’t. But the IP holder sure as hell would.


4 responses to “No tagcamp for me

  1. I think you should make up businesscards for brainjams and claim that’s your reason for being there. That would generate some respect and cut down on the oh-you-can’t-help-me face. And it’s pretty legit.

  2. Well, I know that you can bookmark parts of a podcast using the ChapterToolMe tool, but that’s not exactly a cross-platform, media agnostic solution… However, iTunes and I would venture a guess that the iPod support it, so it might be something in the direction of what you need.

    Alternatively, you might hop into the Microformats discussion around this topic, since we’re working on that very problem, albeit looking for an XHTML-based solution.

  3. Awesome, thanks Chris.

  4. You should have called me! I could have driven you on Saturday for sure! Damn!


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