What the hell is OPML?

Developers love new acronyms. Finding ways to refer to ideas in shorthand is like some kind of geek holy grail, and by the time one of these neologisms escapes into the wild and starts popping up on the sites we amateurs read there’s always a layer or two of explanation missing. I’ve been seeing OPML referred to for the last week or two, but nobody bothered to actually say what it is or does. I have to be pretty motivated to bother to dig through some developer’s forum to figure it out, and honestly I can’t remember the last time that happened.

Which is my longwinded way of thanking Alex Barnett for his fantastic OPML 101 screencast, and also Dave Winer for pointing it out and, umm…inventing it. Dave also invented RSS, which if there were any justice in this world would mean he never has to pay for a beer ever again in his lifetime.

For those you who’ve ignored my last several pleas to go check out RSS (don’t make me start naming names) Alex has also done a great RSS 101 for all the non-techies. Just go look, it won’t hurt you and you might actually like it.


2 responses to “What the hell is OPML?

  1. Ok, you win. It IS pretty darn cool!

  2. One of us! One of us! One of us!

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