Speaking of BrainJams…

Mark your calendars! The next BrainJam will be held December 3rd, starting at 9:00 am. It’s an all-day event, lunch will be provided and thanks to David Gutelius it’ll be held at the spacious SRI facility in Menlo Park. I know you’re thinking, “…but will there be an afterparty?” Of course! Most likely at the BBC, but we’ll have more details a little closer to the date.

Some people have said they would like to be involved, but I don’t blog about it enough. Hell, you don’t need to rely on me! Go add yourself to list of organizers if you want to be involved in the planning sessions, spend a little time on the wiki, write a response to the first draft of the mission statement, contact Chris to become a patron, just spread the word by blogging about it. Become an active participant in the process, what have you got to lose?


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