It’s arrived…


I’m very excited to announce that the Hack 2.0 Workgroup has invited me to be part of their amazing “network of snarky weblogs that manipulate content on sites purporting to be the new generation of the Web. Combined, these bloggers hack what a large readership of influential technology and media professionals read.”

I’m absolutely tickled! It all started out with me dropping some not-so-subtle hints that I would love to be part of this group to Tara Hunt. I even went as far as to tokenize myself (i.e. you need a outsider, dontcha? what about a user angle?)…I have no shame…but after examination of my alcohol consumption and a discussion with the others in on the joke, they decided that In The Crowd lacked content that met any standards and so was useful to their evil schemes.

I join the ranks of HorsePigCow (Tara Hunt), Alex Barnett, RSS’ing Down Under (Ben Barren), Hellonline (Eran Globen), and many more brilliant bloggers.

No need to subscribe to the OPML feed for this group (the fruits of their efforts can be seen and heard here).

Thanks gang!



3 responses to “It’s arrived…

  1. Excellent, welcome to the club! 😉

  2. LOL….glad you chimed in! See you tonight!

  3. Hi.
    Good design, who make it?

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