Home and away

I’m in Santa Barbara for the holiday and won’t be back until sometime Monday. In the meantime it’ll be easier to reach me via cell than email, I’ll only check it a couple times a day at most.

Thanksgiving is the biggest holiday of the year in my family, since it’s the only one everyone celebrates. We even have some of the English cousins here this year, and as usual I’m organizing the meal and doing the lion’s share of the cooking. Which is fine, I like to show off my skills and preparing a feast for ten or twelve people is a fun challenge for me. But I’ve run into a few unexpected twists. I just made a point about having adequate tools for a job by grabbing the sharpest knive in the house, pressing the blade down (hard!) on my palm and drawing it back without cutting myself. Nevermind. I may have to carve the turkey with a butter knife, and the potatos might be peeled with a soup spoon, but it doesn’t really matter. The point is that we’re here, together, healthy and happy and grateful for what we’ve got.

Have a great holiday everyone.


One response to “Home and away

  1. …And what we’ve got is a hella fine chef! You rocked, as always, ‘leash.

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