(Parking) Space, the final frontier

TMN linked this morning to a project I’m surprised I hadn’t seen yet, given that I was maybe a half mile away at the time. The organizers of the PARK(ing) project took advantage of one of the last bright sunny days of fall to let a lucky few dig their bare toes in the grass one last time before winter set in. They have an agenda of course, but what kind of San Francisco artist’s collective would they be without an agenda? Preferably one that denounces others and gives them a chance to point some fingers. Ooooh, yeah.

Their ingenious use of space immediately reminded me of the Space Hijacker Office. We all know what a chunk of cash rent can be, especially those desirable addresses close to influential decision makers. This may be the best solution yet for young startups on a budget. They also win points for having the good sense to throw a party at the end (and another party, and then finish the whole thing off with a pub crawl for good measure). So Bubble Web 2.0 of them.


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