Sad mac, sad me

Both my hard drive and I are sick and not expected to recover for at least a few days. So if I missed your party (or worse, showed up and stood in the corner glaring at the floor) that’s why. Also, communication will be even more sporadic than usual. C’est la vie.

But the absence of my computer reminds me of an ongoing debate I have with a few of you regarding my preference for online services. In short, anything that was on my computer is inaccessable to me now. Anything online is not. So I can still email, blog, IM, upload photos, view feeds, etc. whenever I’m near a computer. I’d be completely screwed if I hadn’t already adopted the online versions of those services. So this is me, blowing a big fat raspberry to those of you who don’t see the benefit. *coughJonathancough*


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