More campy goodness

Chris has yet another camp on the horizon, this one he’s calling Mashup Camp. Its distinguishing factor seems to be that it’s smaller and more carefully designed than the other, more free-form camps.

Getting random people together to get (possibly even more random!) projects done is great. I’m not a developer so I wouldn’t go, but I love it when I see people doing things like this. Go go go!

But why would you have everyone spend their time in committee meetings all day, and have to switch focus halfway through? It’s only one day, it’s not like they’re stuck in a rut. In other words, what does breaking everyone’s concentration accomplish?

If I were planning my own version, I’d do something like this:

1. Announce it a few weeks ahead, set a date
2. Ask potential attendees (no set number, there’ll be some attrition) to post ideas of what they want to get done online, using a specific tag so everyone can search each other’s posts
3. Hold a meet up one evening a couple days before, for everyone who wants to attend to meet and figure out which ideas to work on and who wants to do what
4. Let everybody stick those ideas in the back of their heads for a couple days and start the creative juices flowing
5. Show up, caffeinate, get shit done

But then I guess it wouldn’t be much of a mashup, would it? Maybe I’m just too comfortable with the blinders on/not ADD enough to see the appeal.


One response to “More campy goodness

  1. Hey Alicia, I generally agree with your proposal — in fact, I encourage you to set it up and run it! There’s no reason why mashups should only pertain to technology… hell, music mashups are probably better and more interesting than most API-mashups, but it’s the behavior I’m interested in… it just happens to be applied to tech!

    The structure of this event is more constrained for a number of reasons: venue, timing, focus and newness. We haven’t done this kind of focused development before (SuperHappyDevHouse is great but not always a productive environment) and so we’re looking at developing new forms of work and productivity.

    In terms of the middle-day rearrange, the idea is focus less on the tech or being wedded to a single solution and more on solving a real problem. Hopefully getting 2x as many heads working on a problem will mean that we get more simple, focused solutions. But I dunno, all this stuff is experimental, so if it doesn’t work, that’s fine, we’ll try it again next month and maybe you can be in charge! Interested? 🙂

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