My baby’s back

I’m online! At least, I am until tomorrow when I leave town. I lost my current resume, a few photos I hadn’t uploaded yet, and a few albums’ worth of songs but that was my own damn fault and overall I’m glad my inconsistency in backing up my data hasn’t hurt me too badly.

Apple gave me a new hard drive and motherboard, for free, despite being a year outside my warranty period. Plus they apologized for it taking so long. Maybe if I’d let them keep it an extra day they’d have thrown in a new DVD burner, hmm?

If you’ll be in Santa Barbara for New Year’s Eve let me know, I decided to drive down a little early for grandma’s big 95th birthday party on January 1st. No, that’s not a typo, the Shackletons will outlive all the rest of you. Now if we can just get her to give up her driver’s license…

Addendum: Holy crap, has stats now!


One response to “My baby’s back

  1. Viva le Shackletons!

    (I do hope you said that aloud in the cheesiest Clouseau-esque French accent you could muster.)

    Cockroaches, Twinkies, and Shackletons… Wow.

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