Okay Tara, I’ll play.

Four places I’ve lived:
Santa Barbara, CA
Wilton, NH
Oberlangnau, Swabia, Germany
San Francisco, CA

Four little known facts about me:
I learned how to make strudel from the official master chef of the Viennese government
I can’t do math or manipulate numbers in my head
I have a forklift driver’s license
I recorded an album when I was 12

Four favorite live bands:
The Pixies
The Clash
The Flaming Lips

Four careers I once seriously considered:
College Professor
Foreign diplomat

Four careers my mother wanted for me:
Ballet dancer
Real estate agent
Wife and mother

Four favorite ingredients:

Four movies I never get tired of:
The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari
The Royal Tennenbaums
The Empire Strikes Back

Four people who probably won’t play along:


4 responses to “Fours

  1. Wa-huh? You recorded an album when you were 12?

    You are a veritable treasure-trove of surprises, Alicia.

    Here’s my offer: You post a link to the album and/or (even better) an mp3, and I’ll play along.

  2. Hmmm, I’ll see if my mom ignored my orders to destroy her copy.

    It’s really bad. I mean, reallllly bad. Sample lyric (from the song “Carol”, about my mom): “Love, love, love all way. Ooooh yeah.”

  3. Wow, those are beyond little known facts!

    Little known fact # 5, at least to me: Alicia has a blog. :^P

  4. oh, you are so right about me.

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