Grandma’s googlefu is strong!

My grandmother, who just turned 98, got her first computer a week or so ago. It’s a iBook, which she liked both for its aethestic and Apple’s famous intuitiveness. My grandma is sharp as a tack, so I suppose it shouldn’t surprise me that she has already discovered my Flickr account (despite the fact that my name isn’t on it). Considering that this blog is the first result on a search of my name, I expect she’ll land here within days. Maybe hours!

Hey Grandma, how about starting a blog of your own? Plenty of people would love to hear about your fascinating life. Growing up in Yorkshire, living through both World Wars, working as a successful single female executive in New York in the Depression, starting your own business after the war, crazy stories about living with Grandpa…you’ve had experiences nobody else can match. What do you say?


2 responses to “Grandma’s googlefu is strong!

  1. A Grandma blog would be so cool! Maybe I can talk her into it if/when she next needs some Mac tutoring. 😉

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