Now you’re starting to piss me off

I’m a bad beta tester, and I know it. When it comes to products I’m picky, unforgiving, and easily irritated. My usual rule of thumb when faced with the constant stream of new betas, most of which seem to compete with each other, is to sit back and wait to see how it all shakes out. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy reading about this stuff. But to actually volunteer for frustration is not my style. So I turned down the Google Talk invites. I just didn’t see the value in it, and while I can accept the privacy/convenience tradeoff to a certain extent their product wasn’t compelling enough for me to give up another piece of myself to Google.

Perhaps you can imagine how frustrated I was this morning when I saw that not only had Google ignored my intentions and signed me up, but they had signed me in.Those people from whom I had already declined invites to Google Talk showed up as new “invites to chat”, and every time I roll my mouse over a name in my inbox I get a chance to chat as well.

Google Talk, I don’t want to play with you. Take your ball and go home.

P.S. I just realized that if I turn off Javascript for Google I can view Gmail in plain HTML, which eliminates all the fluff and irritating extras. Thanks NoScript!

P.P.S. Even better suggestion in the comments. Thanks Holly!


2 responses to “Now you’re starting to piss me off

  1. Yeah, that pissed me off too until I found out there is a link at the bottom of the gmail page that turns off the chat crap and reverts me back to the original gmail. I also found the option in settings to turn off all the contacts along the side. Of course, I had to read the freaking forum to find all this out.

    I hate bells and whistles. I grew up with DOS. It took me a year to get happy with Outlook and then they went and “upgraded ” it and added more crap I don’t want. whenever I get a new computer at work, I spend two days turning off all the extra crap and editing my registry so that I can actually work.

    Being a curmudgeon is so difficult in this day and age. Sigh.

  2. I use Gmail chat, it rocks. You just use your email address. You don’t need to do anything else.

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