I’ve got a Golden Ticket!

Golden ticket

Thanks to Jen Myronuk at Storyfield I’ll be heading off first thing tomorrow morning for SXSW Interactive. This is my first trip to SXSW (and to Austin) and I’m really excited to have the chance to go. Thanks again Jen!

It’s a completely last minute trip, I firmed up my plans at 11:00 am this morning and still haven’t bought my plane ticket. I’m having a little trouble getting hold of the friend I’m hoping to stay with, if anyone needs a roomie please let me know.

Coincidentally, my tiny new camera came yesterday and luckily the extra memory card showed up about 5 minutes ago. Everything’s going my way today.

New camera


4 responses to “I’ve got a Golden Ticket!

  1. You have the biggest hands on the planet.

  2. Yes, yes she does. You should see how many books she can grip in one hand!

    But that camera rocks! :^)

  3. Nice golden ticket!! It was great meeting and chatting with you lastnight. Here is the link to my family blog that I was telling you about. Maybe you can show your mom after she is up and blogging. 🙂
    Well, I am off to the conference.

  4. Sorry, the link doesn’t seem to be correct. Here is the address:

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