Weekend notes from SXSW

I’m not going to try to give a run down of the panels I’ve gone to at SXSW, there are plenty of people doing an excellent job of that already and I get more out of it if I’m actively listening rather than taking notes. So instead I’ll just throw out a few random notes.

It has become my mission to eat at a real taqueria before I leave Austin. For some reason this is now vitally important to me and I feel an increasing sense of urgency about it. I’d forgotten how much conference food sucks, and every time I’m forced by time constraints to eat it again I feel like screaming. This can’t go on.

You know how I said everyone is super cool and friendly? I finally ran into one person who isn’t, which really caused him to stand out in a bad way. It doesn’t matter how hip your site is, being the one jerk in the crowd makes you so very uncool.

There are way more women here than I expected, I’d say a third to a half of the total attendees. This is great, except that there are no women’s bathrooms by the rooms the interactive panels are in. So far the best part of having a Gold pass for both interactive and film festivals is that I get to cut over to the women’s bathroom behind the film conference checkpoint. Otherwise I’d have to fight my way through the crowds to the lobby and wait in line for twenty minutes.

My friends are all on panels, which made me feel kind of left out until I realized that they’re famous here. Too bad that doesn’t translate into dollars, suckahs!

Dodgeball keeps changing my city back to SF, so I don’t get messages from anyone in Austin. Very irritating.


One response to “Weekend notes from SXSW

  1. I understand and respect your desire to remain politic in a community that is very small and interconnected (by definition), but at very least, you have to email me and tell me who sucked so badly. Dish, Alicia.

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