Final SXSW Roundup


A little late, but I wanted to make a few last notes on SXSW before I put it behind me.

My initial plan was to pointedly avoid panels or talks that featured my friends and acquaintances. The logic behind that was that these were people I could have a conversation with at any time, that I had most likely heard or read their main points already, and that my time would be better spent hearing from those I’d otherwise have limited (if any) contact with. It made sense in the abstract, but turned out to be a big mistake. Based on both my own experiences and on what others have said, I missed some of the best parts this way. I’d love to see what I missed, but while a few presentations seem to be available as podcasts many are missing. I noticed that the majority of the panels were being filmed, if anyone has information on where they can be viewed please let me know.

I’ve already mentioned the friendliness and welcoming spirit of my fellow geeks at SXSW, but if I had to pick one thing that I took away from the festival that would be it. Well, that and a few relocated electronics the memories.

P.S. If you wondering what it’s like to listen to Bruce Stirling’s closing remarks while woozy from antihistamines, the answer is “completely surreal”. Kind of like LSD without the tracers.


One response to “Final SXSW Roundup

  1. Don’t worry – Bruce Stirling was just as surreal without the pills! I wasn’t sure if he was a genius or whether he was mad. Probably both.

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