Welcome back!

Well, that was a nice break. In the past six weeks, I have:

– been to the first annual Maker Faire

– gone to the Coachella festival one last time before it leaves the state forever

– visited old friends in Tucson

– taken a permanent, full-time job

– gotten a fancy new summer 'do

– reconnected with old friends and isolated myself from new ones

That last part was an accident. I didn't take into account (stupidly, in retrospect) that the friends I've met through web-related events and kept in touch with through websites and dodgeball would disappear from my life when I took a summer holiday from internet connectivity. I miss them, and it's hard getting back into the swing of things after such a long break. On the bright side, I've spent lots of time with old friends offline and it's been great. Like any vacation, you miss home when you're there and there when you're home.

So to kick off the new social season (and enjoy the sunny weather while we still have the chance) we'll be throwing a BBQ at the house this Sunday. This is my chance to combine old and new friends in one big happy glob of friendliness and never find myself separated from either again. Send me an email if you need directions, we plan to start around 3 pm.


One response to “Welcome back!

  1. I was beginning to wonder! Congratulations on all the changes (even the painful ones)!

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