Okay, yum

The barbeque last Sunday was awesome, thanks to everybody who came out. So much food we had to construct emergency tables out of sawhorses, futon parts and nightstands to hold it all, and it was gone by the end of the night. Jamie manned the strawberry margarita station like a pro, Tim sweated over the coals, and I did my best with my Muddlin' Stick (trademark pending) to keep up the supply of mojitos. It was a ton of fun, we'll have to do this again soon.

Speaking of summer dining, the LA Times' latest article about Thomas Keller has me thinking "road trip!" The article is here, but since it'll disappear behind a pay wall soon I'll sum it up: Keller will open a down-home American restaurant in an old barn in Yountville for six months, kind of an American version of his French bistro restaurant Bouchon. It'll be called Ad Hoc and will be open in six weeks, serving a set menu of dishes like beef stroganoff and fried chicken with salad, cheese and dessert for about $45. After six months it will metamorphosize into Burgers and Bottles, a hamburger and red wine joint.

Six weeks means mid-July, which coincides with the summer wine touring season and the usual hordes invading wine country on the weekends. I'll tough it out if anyone else wants to go…

Whooops, wrong link. Fixed now.


3 responses to “Okay, yum

  1. Hell yeah! You can count me in…and the wife. Methinks we should get a campsite and make a weekend of it.

  2. Damnit. Why did I move again?

  3. An old barn? Where did that bit of info come from? Ad Hoc is planned to go into the former “Wine Garden” restaurant right on Washington Street. Was it really once a barn? I live down the street and just can’t see that it ever was, but am curious where that little tidbit came from.

    By the way, it looks no where near opening, as the awning over the door is still for the “Wine Garden,” which closed a few years ago.

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