This is why we write things down

My lack of a single central calendar is beginning to have real costs.

Last Saturday my friends Ian and Sheena had a combo birthday/housewarming party, which was great. When the invitation arrived (weeks ago) I had nothing else planned, so I accepted immediately. Immediately in this case means "without writing it down." Cut to a couple weeks later when I check the calendar and see BFD there for that same Saturday. Since I have nothing on my calendar for that day I grab a couple tickets. Net financial loss when conflict is realized and tickets hastily unloaded: $45

Last night I went to see the Walkmen, who were also great. So great in fact that they were scheduled for two nights in a row. Guess which night I had pre-ordered tickets for? Why, Monday of course! Tuesday was when I planned to see the Mountain Goats. Net financial loss: $60

Today at lunch time I bought a ticket to see Calexico this Friday. Two days ago I invited my friend Martha to see Big Lou's Polka Casserole on Friday since she knows Lou and has been singing her praises. Sigh.

I don't need social software, I need a social secretary.


3 responses to “This is why we write things down

  1. I fear it’s in your DNA.

  2. Weird. Why does it number the comments? Will this be numero due now? I’m soooo going to do it. Click.

  3. How were the Mountain Goats? I was going to see them (him) at the Troubadour, but they (he) had the gaul to schedule a gig on a Wednesday. Another cultural opportunity sacrificed for Pub Quiz.

  4. I don’t know, that was the show I missed to see the Walkmen. *sigh*

    I’d like to point out that this is Nolen’s fault. I had my schedule all worked out until he said he had tickets for the Tuesday show. I scrapped my plans to see the Walkmen on Monday and to see the Mountain Goats on Tuesday, and then he stayed in with his parents and didn’t show up anyway.

    Nolen’s mom: 1
    Nolen’s friends: 0

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