Holy crap, Beck!

Damn, Yahoo really pulled out all the stops for Hackday. Check this out: 40 wifi access points with 1G uplink, according to what Jeremy Zawodny told me. Wifi is smoooooth. Attendance capped at 400 (ish) techies so plenty of elbow room, oodles of de-luxe new API goodness to play with, and the entertainment for the evening? Oh, that was Beck.

Picture 500 geeks watching Beck play with a full band…in Puppetron. Live puppeteers are mimicing the band as they play, and a mosh pit breaks out on the lawn and the geeks are screaming and losing their shit and then the puppets start hacking and rapping and masturbating to puppet porn and and and…I don’t even know how to describe what I just saw. Wow, just…wow. It’s been a fantastic night, and the hackfest hasn’t even started in earnest yet.

I can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow.


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