Just noticed the t-shirt customizing tutorial at the Willotoons shop, thanks to Sarah Hatter’s link. I’ve been eying a few things in the shop since it opened, including the eat. sleep. rock. repeat shirt that Jonathan thinks should be “sleep. eat. rock. repeat.” because “eat” and “repeat” rhyme. English majors, eh?

It’s really close to what I’ve been doing to the boy’s shirts I always end up with, which really need the neckline and sleeve treatments to feminize them. I never thought of doing the bottom hem like that though, I love how it makes the look without losing length. One difference between her style and mine is that I look best in v-neck shirts, so I always cut a wide V at the neck.  It’s even easier than the scoop neck because you don’t need a starting cut at the back or even to cut through the neckband: just fold the shirt in half with the crease down the middle of the front, pinch the crease and start your cut right at the bottom of your V, angling back to the shoulder seam about an inch away from the neckline.

I’ll try to come back and add a pic later, but I wanted to post this while I thought of it since I never seem to remember what I planned to say. Before Kristan became obsessed with socks she was a mad genius with the t-shirt surgery, maybe she’ll share some of her tricks next.


4 responses to “Snip!

  1. You know, I mentally switched the order to “sleep. eat. rock. repeat.” before I even got to the part where J suggested it, then was confused because I thought that’s what it DID say. My reasoning, however, is that you have to refuel before you rock, it had nothing to do with rhyme scheme.

  2. Talk about mad props!

    I’ve been thinking lately that I’m due for some t-shirt surgery, and some dress and pants surgery, too. I’ll post pics, but I can’t promise any pointers–I really don’t think there’s a method to my madness.

  3. Just for the record, if you inject “poop” into the flow, it solves everyone’s problems:

    eat. sleep. poop. rock. repeat.

    Sure, you arguably lose in pith what you gain in the resolution of the rhyming issue (not to mention the additional boon of being physiologically correct), but what is life if not a series of calculated trade-offs?

    Jonathan will accuse me of going lowbrow again, I know. I accept this wholeheartedly. Then again, he is famous for saying “it’s all about the dick and fart jokes, son.”

  4. Hey Alicia! Just saw this – thank you!

    For the record, we’ve thought long & hard about the order & such… but the bottom line is it just flows as eat. sleep. rock. repeat. AND we actually often do take disco-naps *before* we go out to a rock show! 🙂

    So now, if you buy it & someone asks you about it… you can say “disco-naps, duh!”

    🙂 thanks again chica… and great seeing you last night!


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