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Did I forget to mention tenants and/or evil neighbors?

“Matt”: now looking at a house
“Matt”: *twitch*
“Alicia”: how are you going to buy a house with no savings? mom and dad?
“Matt”: probably not
“Matt”: mom said she would
“Matt”: as soon as dad paid her for the, “half of the goddamn business”
“Alicia”: hmmm. so that’ll be a while then
“Alicia”: are you serious about buying a house though?
“Matt”: If I can get the payments low enough
“Matt”: do you like paying rent to your landlord so his equity can go up?
“Alicia”: i like not having to deal with repairs, upkeep, taxes and insurance
“Alicia”: not worrying about earthquakes and floods
“Alicia”: not worrying about losing my house, equity and down payment if i have a bad patch financially
“Alicia”: and having money to put in an investment account
“Matt”: 😛


Sad mac, sad me

Both my hard drive and I are sick and not expected to recover for at least a few days. So if I missed your party (or worse, showed up and stood in the corner glaring at the floor) that’s why. Also, communication will be even more sporadic than usual. C’est la vie.

But the absence of my computer reminds me of an ongoing debate I have with a few of you regarding my preference for online services. In short, anything that was on my computer is inaccessable to me now. Anything online is not. So I can still email, blog, IM, upload photos, view feeds, etc. whenever I’m near a computer. I’d be completely screwed if I hadn’t already adopted the online versions of those services. So this is me, blowing a big fat raspberry to those of you who don’t see the benefit. *coughJonathancough*

Top Ten Things Not To Say When Trying To Rent A Room From Me

A selection of actual comments from last weekend’s open house.

10. “I’m in process of breaking up with my longterm partner, but we’re going to see how it goes.”

9. “I want to take down part of the back fence and put in a hot tub…Burning Man is a really important part of my life.”

8. “…and then I discovered waterbeds.” (makes a sound like Homer discovering the Gummi Venus de Milo)

7. A lengthy explanation of the importance of furnaces in your childhood memories, interrupted by, “you know, I am from Transylvania.”

6. “You aren’t going to check my credit report, are you?”

5. “So…how many parking spaces are included?”

4. “It’s great that you like all this computer stuff, I can never figure it out on my own. Now I know who to ask!”

3. “I’m a Velveeta-on-white-bread kind of guy.”

2. “I’ve lived in the Bay Area since 1991…I don’t really have friends in town, it takes me a while to make friends.”

And the number one thing to avoid saying when trying to rent a room from me:

“You look like a black shadow, nothing but a black shadow! Please, move away from the window!”

Laid low

I’ve been fighting this verdammte illness for weeks now, which has really taken a toll. I’ve been tetchy and miserable, and I can’t seem to get anything done. I even ditched out on the techcrunch party last night, which by all accounts was a great time. I’m kicking myself now of course, but I had trouble arranging transportation and then they closed registration so in my reduced state I just gave up. At least I didn’t have to make small talk with a bunch of VIP CEO NPD VCs. Oooh, that last sentence was vicious. Which is exactly how I’ve been acting lately. My apologies to anyone unfortunate enough to come into contact with me in the last couple of weeks, I hope to return to my usual sunny optimistic self soon.