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Just noticed the t-shirt customizing tutorial at the Willotoons shop, thanks to Sarah Hatter’s link. I’ve been eying a few things in the shop since it opened, including the eat. sleep. rock. repeat shirt that Jonathan thinks should be “sleep. eat. rock. repeat.” because “eat” and “repeat” rhyme. English majors, eh?

It’s really close to what I’ve been doing to the boy’s shirts I always end up with, which really need the neckline and sleeve treatments to feminize them. I never thought of doing the bottom hem like that though, I love how it makes the look without losing length. One difference between her style and mine is that I look best in v-neck shirts, so I always cut a wide V at the neck.  It’s even easier than the scoop neck because you don’t need a starting cut at the back or even to cut through the neckband: just fold the shirt in half with the crease down the middle of the front, pinch the crease and start your cut right at the bottom of your V, angling back to the shoulder seam about an inch away from the neckline.

I’ll try to come back and add a pic later, but I wanted to post this while I thought of it since I never seem to remember what I planned to say. Before Kristan became obsessed with socks she was a mad genius with the t-shirt surgery, maybe she’ll share some of her tricks next.


Had other interests…he liked to burn things

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to make a shot glass into an oil lamp. I put it all up on Flickr too, but it’s easier to follow the steps here. Ready?

First, gather the ingredients. A shot glass, scissors, string, matches, oil, and a tea candle (mostly burnt is fine). You can do this whole thing without any wax if your string or twine is stiff enough, mine is actually cotton yarn and the softness limits how tall the wick can stand. Insert your own dick jokes here.

You’ll want a wick a little longer than the height of the shot glass. Light the candle if you’re using wax. Make a crack about the hot wax scene in Summer Lovers, if you were unfortunate enough to have seen it.

Drag 3/4 of the cut string through the wax to saturate it, and then run it between your thumb and forefinger to strip off the excess and stretch it out straight. More dick jokes. Note the little metal disc acting as a stand for the wick in the bottom of the candle.

Let the wax cool for a second, take the little disc in the bottom of the candle out and clean it off. Now tie a knot in the string where the waxed part starts and thread the waxed end through the disc, so that the knot ends up wedged in the hole on the flat side of the disc. Switch to ass jokes.

If your knot tying/wedging skills are subpar, dribble a little wax in the bottom of the shot glass to act as glue and secure the disc. It’s okay, it could happen to anyone.

Make sure you have the disc stabilized well enough that the wick stands up on its own and doesn’t touch the sides. Pour in the oil so that there is about a 1/4 inch of wick above the oil. The longer the wick, the higher the flame. Last chance for dick jokes.

Now just sit back, relax, and enjoy the warm glow.

Martha on Make: Blog!

Today on the Make: blog, local craft/zine/art shop Needles and Pens is featured. Those cute beer cozies (with the star) and flower wristbands are made by my good friend Martha, aka Blue Rosetta. Martha also spins rare grooves on Monday from 5-9 at Dalva, where I’ll be starting my Halloween festivities tonight. If you stay past 9 you can flirt with Breezy, who is much cuter in person.

If the store is closed and you’re desperate for some crafty goodness, Martha’s also got some stuff up on The Giant Peach, and she’ll even do custom cozies by request. I got one that says “beer” in light blue on white, just like the cans in Repo Man.

Now go buy her stuff!